Mommy Katelyn


I have been in the kink/fetish lifestyle for over 20 years. I would say humiliation, discipline and sissy play, and wherever they may lead, are my very favorite activities. But I do LOVE my babies, I just tend to show it with tough love. Unlike with Mommy GeeGee, I am also into kinks and fetishes. This is why her rates and my rates vary. You should  request her if you want a sweet loving caring mommy. See me if you want a strict disciplinarian and/or you have fetishes or are into the BDSM lifestyle. I also get into edging and happy endings. 

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotist of over 12 years (through HMI), I can assure you our memories, our subconscious minds have a huge impact on everything we like, don't like, what we are attracted to, and what we run away from. Having a clear and educated understanding of our subconscious mind and how it affects our decisions and feelings makes me  a great choice to be your ABDL Mistress Mommy. I DO also offer ABDL  HYPNOSIS sessions, rates are the same as my ABDL Mommy rates.

I personally grew up receiving spankings, and I was raised in a time where strict behavior modification was the norm. I think many of us would agree that there are always a few things we would have liked to have had from our parents we didn't get and there were things we feel we could have done without. But no matter how we feel about how we were  raised, we carry all of those memories in our subconscious every day. I strongly believe in corporal punishment, behavioral modification, and  humiliation as part of that process. I think large medical enemas are also a great humiliation method.

Corporal Punishment and Petticoat Punishment feed my sadistic streak. I am not going to lie to my littles and DL's about my sadistic side, she comes out on a regular basis, and although I understand not everyone I mommy is going to want a stern disciplinarian or fetish play, I do love to indulge that part of myself and I will. I remember when I was very  young, probably 4 or 5 years old, being punished by my mother for bare  bottom spanking my friends on playdates. My mother would have her friends over, and their children would come for playdates. And I would chase them down and pull their pants down and try to and sometimes  successfully spank their bare bottoms. Then they would tattle on me and I  would get my own spanking with her very large red spatula, aka "The Red  Spanking Machine". Giving you discipline gives me pleasure, so make no mistake, here at the Rainbow Littles Nursery, you are coming here with the expectation that I AM A DISCIPLINARIAN!

I love humiliation! 

I love Diapers and toilet training because of the humiliation aspect. I have loved humiliating others, especially male littles and sissies, for a very long time. I like humiliating them about their sissy mannerisms and encouraging them for my enjoyment. I like making fun of their tiny loser cocks (oversized clits). I like making them play with other sissies. I also enjoy sissy baby playdates and public outings. So, there  are at least a few benefits to having a ABDL mommy with a sadistic  streak. 

I am also extremely nurturing!

No, not really...(smirk) If you are looking for a sweet loving mommy that is going to spoil you and baby your ass, you will not find her here. I am here for all of the above mentioned! I specifically deal with naughty babies, littles, boys and sissy babies who need redirection and discipline, and those that have some kink(s) in their fantasies with a Mommy. Although most of my babies behave well while here, I find that the difficult littles tend to stay in line when they know they are dealing with a strict disciplinarian.