Sexual Play:

Mommy  GeeGee does not engage in any sexual innuendo, sexual play,  inappropriate touching or anything torrid. Mommy Mistress Katelyn  engages in BDSM play, and some debauchery BUT no sex acts, and obviously  no sex! Do not ask for these things or your session will be terminated.  If you attempt to engage in a conversation deemed inappropriate by  either mommy during screening, the conversation will end and you will be  denied membership. We take great care to respect YOUR boundaries,  please respect ours. We only see littles/sissies/babies/age  players/diaper lovers over 18 years old.


All  rates are disclosed to you prior to your visit through this website  and/or through our communications. Upon entering please have it ready  before we start our session and leave it on the table indicated. When we  schedule our appointment, tell us how long of a session you are  interested in.

Entering and Leaving The Rainbow Littles Nursery:


​Upon  arrival please quietly come in and reserve our greeting for inside the   facility. Please keep the good byes inside as well. The whole "Thank  you Mommy!" is a bit more information than the neighbors need.... 


We  have reserved this time for you. We will not reschedule with someone  who "no shows" or cancels last minute. You will lose your deposit if you  do not give 24 hours cancellation notice by email. It is extremely rare  that we need to reschedule anyone on our end, but we always deal with  all situations in a professional manner. 

We require 24 hour notice of appointment cancellations, it is common courtesy in any other profession. You will lose your deposit without giving adequate notice of cancellation.